There are a few different ways to use magic mushrooms:

  1. You can eat the fresh raw mushrooms whole
  2. You can eat the dried mushrooms whole (most common)
  3. You can eat the mycelium (underground part of the mushroom)
  4. You can make the mushrooms into a tea
  5. You can infuse the mushrooms into honey
  6. You can turn powdered mushroom into chocolates or capsules

The medical research exploring the effects of psilocybin use a pure, pharmaceutical-grade extract — or synthetic forms of psilocybin.

While this is useful for research purposes, it’s not practical for most people.

Instead, most people consume psilocybin in the form of dried magic mushrooms.

Preparing magic mushrooms is easy; here are the most common methods of ingesting psychedelic mushrooms:

1. Fresh Mushrooms

If you find mushrooms in the world and accurately identify them as a Psilocybe species, you can eat them raw (we don’t recommend wildcrafting magic mushrooms).

The dose for raw mushrooms will be much larger than dried mushrooms. Fresh shrooms have a lot of water weight, which affects the dose.

2. Dried Mushrooms

Dried shrooms are by far the most common form of psilocybin. Dried mushrooms store for long periods of time and are much more available on the market today.

You can eat dried mushrooms directly, add them to food (no baking), put them into capsules yourself, or make them into mushroom tea.

The main thing to remember when using dried mushrooms is to avoid heating them in any way.

Even while making tea, it’s essential to use water that hasn’t reached a boil (keep it below 70C).

Heating the mushrooms will destroy the active psilocybin & psilocin and render them useless.

3. Mycelium (Truffles)

Mushrooms are the reproductive organs of the fungi. The majority of the organism lives below ground in the form of a complex, branched mycelial network.

Mycelium is basically a web of single-cell wide strings of fungal cells.

Psilocybe fungi also store the active ingredient in the mycelium (in smaller concentrations) — which is consumed for a more subtle psychoactive effect.

Eating mycelium isn’t the preferred method of using the fungi because it’s difficult to separate from the growing medium (substrate), which traditionally consists of manure (not fit for eating).

Magic mushroom mycelium is usually grown on edible substrates like grains or corn.

In some parts of the world, such as The Netherlands, only the mycelium is considered legal, so this is the most common form of the mushroom on the market.

4. Capsules (Scooby Snax)

Magic mushroom capsules can be made by powdering dried mushrooms and filling them into capsules.

Many people will also add other compounds like tryptophan, ginger, caffeine, and other herb extracts, vitamins, or nutrients to help alleviate side effects or make the mushrooms even stronger.

It can be fun to make your own DIY Scooby Snax formulations.

This is also the most common method used to make DIY microdose capsules as well. The only difference is the dose of psilocybe mushrooms you put in the capsules.

5. Mushroom Tea

Both fresh and dried mushrooms can be steeped into a tea by pouring warm water (no hotter than 70 degrees Celsius) over the mushrooms and allowing them to steep for 10 – 15 minutes.

Tea is one of the best ways to consume mushrooms if you don’t like the taste, or if you often experience side effects like gut rot.

However, mushroom tea isn’t the most efficient method of using magic mushrooms. The active ingredient isn’t water-soluble — meaning that once the tea finishes brewing, a fair amount of the psilocybin will remain in the mushrooms instead of diffusing into the water.

For this reason, you may need to use a higher dose of mushrooms than usual (20% extra) if making them into tea, or eat the mushrooms after the tea is done.

6. Psilocybin Chocolates

Magic mushroom chocolates are also referred to as “truffles”.

Dried mushroom powder is added to chocolate as it cools to create pre-measured hallucinogenic chocolate truffles.

The chocolate helps preserve the psilocybin, and masks the undesirable flavor of the mushrooms.

This method makes it easy to pre-measure specific doses.

Usually, people will add either 0.5, 1, 2, or 3 grams of raw powder to each chocolate.

7. Psilocybin Honey

Hallucinogenic honey can be prepared from psilocybin mushrooms by infusing chopped up dry mushrooms in honey for several weeks.

Over time, the psychoactive compounds in the mushrooms will diffuse into the honey.

When it’s ready, spread the honey on food, add to your tea (not too hot), or eat as-is.

The only downside with using psilocybin honey is that the dose is hard to predict. Depending on the amount of time the honey was allowed to sit for, the strength can vary substantially.

Always test a small amount first to assess the strength of the honey before consuming a full dose.

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