Does my story
sound like yours?


I was ambitious and adventurous.
I kept busy with travel, friends and my “successful” career.

But deep down I wasn’t happy.
And I couldn’t figure out why.

On paper my life looked great. I had a great career. Professional recognition. A busy social life. My social media accounts were filled with pictures of travel, parties and adventures. My friends would tell me I had it all, but inside I thought “if only you knew”. I had a crippling lack of connection, depression and self-esteem. And I had used distractions like exercise, work and alcohol to numb myself for years.

Nothing could make up for the lack of self care and self love.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried everything else. 

My mission is to help you create the positive change in your life that you need, want and desire.  That could look like a lot of things depending on where you’re at and where you want to go. Is your challenge…

Lack of motivation, focus or clarity?




I’ve been there, know what it takes get out. I specialize in helping people balance professional success with their personal health and happiness.

It starts with embracing your uniqueness, respecting your mind-body connection and creating a sense of balance so you can live your best life.

I can help you enjoy the success you’ve strived so hard to achieve without wasting time or having to sacrifice your soul to find it.

I spent my whole life striving to do the right thing, and it still wasn’t enough.

I appeared to have the life most people dream of.

But despite external signs of success I was battling with stress, lack of focus and an addiction to distractions. Some of these distractions were seemingly harmless like travel, work, relationships, alcohol and social media.  But it’s “the dose that makes the poison.” Traveling (or drinking) for a short while to celebrate finishing a project is one thing. Traveling non-stop for years or drinking to blackout isn’t healthy, it’s avoidance and running away.

I was chronically depressed and never felt I measured up, both professionally and personally. I fell into a vicious of cycle of either worrying about everything or feeling hopeless and depressed; either way fear, worry and depression controlled my emotions.  I was exhausted all the time.


It took a lot of soul searching, and plant medicine ceremonies and a truck-load of self discovery, but eventually I realized my problem wasn’t  … anxiety or depression.

My problem was how I felt about myself.

The things I strived for didn’t bring me happiness, because, underneath all the layers of ‘success’, I didn’t feel good enough.


With that realization my life changed completely.

I finally accepted who I was and made peace with myself and  and promised myself moving forward things would be different, for real this time.

I started to live full of gratitude, wonder and love rather than just exist.

And I promised myself I’d help other people with the same struggle do the same.

So I armed myself with the skills to make that happen. I trained as a coach, NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist; I studied nutrition and launched my own signature programs.

I worked with Hunter about 6 months ago. He is highly professional and helped me to get better results in both the workplace as well as in my home-life. He is very professional as well as easy to talk to. I wasn’t sure at first as to what to expect with a “coach”, but he exceeded my every expectation. I would highly recommend. Thanks Hunter.

“There was just something about Hunters’ first call with me. He asked the right question and put me at ease. He just seemed to “get” me and my issues. I bit the bullet and hired him and he way over-delivered on his promises. I think because he lives in my world, that he knows my points of pain, challenges and struggles. I truly believe in him, his strategies and his knowledge as a business and marketing consultant.”

Chris White

Chartered Independent Financial Advisor

I want you to know that you are enough,
you always have been.

It took 15 years for me to make peace with my body and even longer to prioritise my own self care.

I had to learn that saying yes to myself didn’t mean I was saying no to anyone else or pushing people away.

I don’t want it to take that long for you. The stakes are too high, and you’ve lost enough time already.

You deserve to live your best life.

And your best life begins with taking care of yourself.
Knowing that you deserve compassion, love success and to be living your best life. Let’s jump on a quick call to discuss. 

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